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  • Marty Ware
    Grove City Nazarene

    I just want Powell to realize what an asset my Powell driver is to The Powell Company. He is always professional, courteous and efficient. He comes in, does an amazing, thorough job and gets out. He doesn’t waste my time jabbering and is always polite and friendly. He is knowledgeable of my products and my facilities. Such knowledge and job pride isn’t apparent with many drivers/companies. Between my sales rep and my driver---I LOVE Powell! Thanks for taking such great care of me and simplifying my job.

  • Kim Graham
    Operations Manager, Sears Maid Services

    The Powell Company LTD has taken the hassle out of ordering products for our business and my representative has given me step-by-step guidance on the best products for our needs. She was able to instantly dive into what our needs were and offer us products that have made a significant impact on our company’s overall success.

  • Lima City Schools

    The Lima City Schools have been purchasing custodial supplies from the Powell Company for many years . They always provide great customer service and great products at a great price. Working in an educational facility, it is important to have sales people who are highly educated and knowledgeable on all of the latest products and/or technologies available to combat any problems that we may face in this ever changing germicidal, bacterial and fungicidal warfare. I always feel at ease knowing that the Powell Company has such individuals. They are truly a great company

  • I have been a Powell customer for over two years. The first thing that impressed me about Powell is the excellent customer service our business has received. Working in a jail setting our needs have unique challenges and Powell has had the products to meet our needs. From thorough cleaning with all-purpose cleaners, and disinfectants, to easy care floor finishes our facility is meeting and exceeding national standards. Whenever our facility has needed a product in a hurry Powell has professional representatives that recommend the right product and deliver it when they say it’s going to be delivered. Any business looking for effective products, with outstanding customer service should look to Powell Company to meet all their needs.

  • Jane Kelbley
    Heidelberg University

    Since making the change to Bona Supercourt Floor Care System we have had so many positive comments from our athletic department and students.  The Bona system has improved our floor conditions from day one.  "Our squeak is perfect."

  • Steve Heitz
    Wapakoneta City Schools

    I have been the Maintenance Supervisor for Wapakoneta City Schools for the past 23 years. During this time we have dealt with multiple vendors. I can say that it has been a pleasure to deal with the Powell Company that has backed us with a number of top notch representatives. Angie Garver who has been handling our account for some time now has been here for demonstrations of manufacturers products, equipment, and new cleaning systems. Angie along with the Powell Company is right there to help do the work and show the results of what a product or piece of cleaning equipment can do for our operation.

    I always say to any supplier that I do not ask for much. I want the best product for the least amount of money. Angie along with Powell has met that requirement on many occasions. Wapakoneta City Schools does have many of Powells products and pieces of equipment in our district. They definitely back the products they offer with parts availability and service after the sale.

    I would recommend to anyone that Powell is a very reputable Company to deal with and that they have top quality representatives like Angie Garver to deal with that have the backing of a service and parts department that can get the job done.

  • IHEA Miami Vally Chapter

    Thank you so very much for the great seminar for IEHA. We heard lots of positive feedback from the attendees. Education is vital for the Enviromental Services departments in each facility and Powell has some of the best educators around. Please pass our thanks to everyone there.

  • Jeffrey G. Taylor
    Sandco Industries

    I really have enjoyed using the Black Light as a tool for better cleaning. It definitely has done the job of showing our workers how thorough or not so thorough their work skills are on a given day. I would be interested in finding out what the cost of purchasing one of these would be for Sandco and SCBDD. Plus, by using the "Consume" it has helped to slowly eliminate the odors in the Men's restrooms.

    If I did not send you a "Thank You" earlier regarding the trainings and presentations you had here during the month of December, I apologize. I have a number or workers who are talking about the methods they have learned by your training. That is what I had hoped for, our worker's would learn by example, and hopefully use those methods in their cleaning routines. So far so good. If I had not already said "Thank You" I'm doing that now and letting you know that your "Skills Training" is being remembered by our consumers and they are putting those skills in to action.

    Thank you for all you have done for us lately.

  • A Powell Technician was here [in our facility] and he was awesome! Great guy. I asked him to order another brush for amachine, he said he would. It's surgery flooring (gritty kind), he knew what we needed. So thanks again for sending him out. He was a big help!

  • Friendship Village of Dublin

    Everyone truly appreciated what our sales rep presented [in an Infection Control training.]  Thanks for helping us with our now annual Manager’s Retreat!

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Advance SC100 Upright Scrubber

Advance SC100 Upright Scrubber

Compact, ideal design for scrubbing small spaces quickly. Sanitary, creates a cleaner environment than mopping. Cleans various hard surfaces quickly and effectively and can also be used on carpet.                

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